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Hootsuite for Academic Bloggers

If you blog and you are an academic, like I do, you probably go through periods of feast and famine in terms of your time for producing your online writing. If only there were a way for you to store up a wealth of writing and automate its dispersal online!

That is the precise thing that Hootsuite is designed to do. The social media manager allows you to schedule tweets, facebook posts, and just about anything else you might need. When you link your Hootsuite account to your Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media accounts, Hootsuite can coordinate and schedule all of your posts on those accounts.

Chances are, your blog platform already allows you to schedule your posts. WordPress does so. When you schedule your blog post, you have a chance to access that page’s short URL. You can then use this on the posts that you schedule through Hootsuite.

Write to your heart’s content… when you have time. Schedule the posts on your blog. Paste the short URL for each post on the tweets and facebook update that you schedule on Hootsuite. Then, when you no longer have time, your posts will continue to flow out for as long as you have them scheduled, at whatever pace you have set for yourself.

There may still be dry spells, but they need not be as long or as irregular as they otherwise might be. Just because you have to binge in your writing does not mean that your readers need to binge in their reading.

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