How “Mothering the Fatherland” Transformed from a Dissertation into a Book: A Timeline

People wonder. I defended my dissertation not that long ago. I know that I was eager to know the timeframe of such things. The waiting could be agonizing. From the submission of my first complete dissertation draft to the release of the monograph based on it, here is the timeline of what happened to me and when.


05-2011                     I submitted my completed dissertation draft (1.0) to my committee

07-2011                     I submitted my final draft of the dissertation (2.0) to my committee

09-2011                     Dissertation defense

01-2012                     Book proposal and abstract submission to Oxford University Press (OUP)

03-2012                     OUP requests full manuscript (MS), which I submit (still 2.0)

06-2012                     MS rejected, with the possibility of resubmission.

08-2012                     I submit revised MS (3.0) to OUP in accordance with readers’ feedback.

03-2013                     MS accepted with approval of both original readers. Book contract issued

05-2013                     Final revisions begin in earnest

08-2013                     I submit MS 4.0

10-2013                     I received the copyedited MS.

11-2013                     I finalized the text (now 5.0), agreeing with most of the copyeditor’s suggestions.

12-2013                     I received the print proofs.

01-2014                     I submitted my corrections (6.0) of the proofs, along with my index.

04-2014                     I receive my advance copies (10) of the actual physical book.

05-2014                     OUP officially releases the book for sale.

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